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Ankle arthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy
  • Definition

    Ankle arthroscopy is done through two to three small incisions. During the procedure, the orthopedic surgeon inserts the arthroscope into the ankle joint, which sends the image to the television monitor where the structures are viewed in great detail in order to repair or remove injured tissue, which is done using specific instruments. The procedure generally lasts from 30 minutes to a little over an hour depending on the findings and the treatment to be practiced.
  • Indications

    Remove, trim the injured cartilage.
    Reconstruct a torn lateral ligament.
    Trim or remove loose pieces of bone or cartilage.
    Act on the inflamed synovial tissue and obtain biopsy material.
  • Risks

    Complications from ankle arthroscopy are extremely rare; yet there can be cases of infection, thrombosis or accumulation of blood in the joint; therefore, the orthopedic surgeon should be consulted in case of fever, chills, red ankle, persistent or increasing pain and in case of calf pain and redness.
  • Prospects (prognosis)

    Recovery from ankle arthroscopy is much faster than open surgery. The period of hospital stay is 12-24 hours and depending on the pathology treated, it may require the use of crutches and the discharge of the limb for a few weeks.
    Except in the case of a ligament reconstruction, astragalus or tibia osteochondritis surgery, the patient may return to normal work activity 15 days or earlier if the work is sedentary. The highest impact activities should be avoided for a reasonable time as well as if the work activity is physically very demanding.
    The final result of the surgery will be determined by the damage found in the joint, as in the case that the articular cartilage is very deteriorated; In this case, the result will have to recommend the patient a change in their lifestyle, which may mean limiting their activities and looking for low-impact exercise alternatives.

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