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Success Stories

Repair of femoroactebular hip injuries.

Hip arthroscopy

In the case we now describe a 50-year-old patient with a well-preserved hip, but who had an osteophyte (bone lump) in the neck of the femur that caused him pain when sitting in low chairs or walking. The resection of this osteophyte allows us to improve pain without affecting hip function.


Hip arthroscopy

Supraspinatus tendon rupture repair

Shoulder arthroscopy

A 45-year-old Padel player with progressive shoulder discomfort that prevents him from serving and reports loss of strength in the shoulder as well as progressive and persistent night pain with little improvement with rest and physical therapy.

Shoulder prosthesis after fracture dislocation of the humeral head

Shoulder prosthesis surgery

A 53-year-old man who suffered a traffic accident with a fall on the right shoulder, producing a multi fragmentary proximal humerus fracture unfixable with a plate and screws, that precise the implant of a hemiarthroplasty of the head of the humerus.
After 6 months, he presents a good clinical evolution and has been able to return to his previous work activity.

Knee prosthesis surgery in osteoarthritis

Knee prosthesis surgery

A 65-year-old man with progressive pain and limited mobility of the knee, who after radiological studies revealed the presence of  osteoarthritis with varus deformity of the tibia, which required prosthetic replacement. At 3 months the patient was autonomous again, he did not need crutches to walk and the pain had disappeared.

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